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I purchased the wrong item! What do i need to do in order to receive the correct part? This situation can be easily rectified by filling out the online form and under. Reason for Return, select, ordered Wrong. . Within 48 hours of your request, you will be contacted by one of our Return Technicians who will assist you in finding the correct part. . Should you choose to place your order for the correct part with Air water Inc.

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deducted from the customer's refund. Original shipping, handling and return postage fees will not be refunded. Rma's are good for 7 business days after being issued, please do not delay in handling your return! All replacements will be sent out via ground shipping. Keep in mind that upon request, shipping upgrades may be purchased at the customer's expense. Return Policy Frequently Asked questions, how do i obtain a rma number? Please complete and submit our online rma form. After I receive my rma numer, where do i send my rma package to? Please refer to our return email with the rma number. How long will it take to process my rma? Once your rma has been received, it will be processed within 5-7 business days.

Please remember to obtain a rma number. Before returning product(s) to our warehouse as returns will not be accepted without a valid rma number. Occasionally, an item may not arrive in verrekte good working condition and we are always happy to provide an exchange in these instances. However, if you would prefer not to accept an exchange in this situation, the causes transaction will be handled as a standard return and will be subject to the same terms. Return shipping is on us! . we're offering free return shipping to the 48 contiguous states on all products purchased from. . If you're not 100 satisfied, contact us and you'll get a free return shipping label via email - your domestic shipping costs are prepaid by us! Replacements will be shipped to the original shipping address on file unless otherwise requested. . Air water will not be held responsible for shipping errors due to outdated addresses. All rma's must be packaged properly and returned in a box (original box and packaging material preferred).

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The following policies apply only to orders shipped within the United States. Please fill out the online rma form to obtain a valid Return Materials Authorization number. (Please note this is not an automated process. Rma numbers are issued from our Return Technicians) 3 Step Return Policy, all purchases may be returned for a refund within 30 days of machines the original purchase date. To initiate a return, please follow the steps below. Step 1: read our online return Policy, then complete and submit the online. Rma form, step 2: Receive rma number via email from the rma department within 48 hours of submitting a request. Step 3: Package and the return to the address provided in our email.* *Once your rma has been received and verified for authenticity, a refund will be issued or a replacement will be shipped in 3 to 5 business days!

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Later re-integrated into main ipod line. Fifth 30, 60, 80 gb usb (FireWire for charging only) mac:.3 Win: 2000 30 gb audio : 14 video : 2 (later.5) 60/80 gb audio : 20 video : 3/6.5 Second full redesign with a slimmer case, and larger screen with video playback. Offered in black or white. Hardware and firmware updated with 60 GB model replaced with 80 GB model on 12 September 2006. Sixth 80, 120, 160 gb usb (FireWire for charging only) 5 September 2007 Mac:.4 Win: xp 80 gb audio : 30 video : 5 120 gb audio : 36 video : 6 160 GB 2007 model audio : 40 video : 7 2009 model audio : 36 video : 6 Introduced the "Classic" suffix. New interface and anodized aluminum front plate. In September 2008 the hardware and firmware was updated with a 120 GB model replacing the 80 GB model and the 160 GB model was discontinued. In September 2009, the 120GB model was replaced with a 160GB model. Mini first 4 gb usb or FireWire mac:.1 Win: 2000 audio : 8 New smaller model, available in 5 colors.

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Will my ipod charge while connected to the system? Usually yes especially when it's listed as a supported model, models that are not mentioned may also charge but please note that these are not confirmed as fully supported so in some cases they will not charge while connected to the system. For your reference, please refer to the following information ( wikipedia source ) beste While the suffix "classic" was not introduced until the sixth generation, it has been applied here retroactively to all generic ipods for clarity. release dateMinimum os to syncRated battery life (hours) Classic first 5, 10 gb fireWire mac: 9,.1 audio : 10 First model, with mechanical scroll wheel. 10 GB model released later.

Second 10, 20 gb fireWire mac:.1 Win: 2000 audio : 10 touch-sensitive wheel. FireWire port had a cover. Windows compatibility through Musicmatch. Third 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 gb fireWire ( usb for syncing only) mac:.1 Win: 2000 audio : 8 First complete redesign with all-touch interface, dock connector, and slimmer case. Musicmatch support dropped with later release of itunes.1 for Windows. Fourth ( Photo ) ( Color ) 20, 40 gb fireWire or usb mac:.2 Win: 2000 audio : 12 Adopted Click Wheel from ipod Mini, hold switch redesigned. Photo : 30, 40, 60 gb fireWire or usb mac:.2 Win: 2000 audio : 15 slideshow : 5 color : 20, 60 gb premium spin-off of 4g ipod with color screen and picture viewing.

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vehicle diagnostics - important Note! touch screen calibration - general guide steering wheel controls - general guide plugs - the plugs don't match what now? installation - where can I have the system installed? ipod - will my ipod charge while connected to the system? ipod - is my ipod compatible with your systems?

Posted: Jan 1, 2014 in Technical questions - if the description states "iPod" then it means that the system is compatible with ipods generation one to five, some systems may have additional notes such as which means that it's also compatible with these models. The sixth generation ipod is called the "Classic" so if the description does not specifically state "Classic" then this model is not confirmed as being supported even though it may work, the same applies to the other models (Touch/Mini/Nano/Shuffle.) ipop Compatibility Is my ipod compatible. If the description states "iPod" then it means that the system is compatible with ipods generation one to five, some systems may have additional notes such as which means that it's also compatible with these models. If these models are not specifically mentioned then it means that the manufacturer does not confirm that these models are fully supported even though in some cases some of these models may work. Regarding the Classic, the first five generations are called "iPod" and are therefore referred to "iPod". The sixth generation ipod is called the "Classic" so if the description does not specifically state "Classic" then this model is not confirmed as being supported even though it may work, the same applies to the other models (Touch/Mini/Nano/Shuffle).

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i tried installing Garmin but it doesn't work. theres no gps software maps included, what now? installers - looking for homöopathisch an installer? noise - noise suppression guide installers - what to hengstig avoid! amplifier issues - how to connect? tpms (Tire Pressure management System) - what is this? dvr (Digital Video recorder) - what is this? digital tv (dvb-t, isdb-t.) - what is this?

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For non south African customers. Please contact your local customs authority if you'd like more information regarding import duties, taxes etc. Unfortunately we cannot provide information regarding the import regulations of your country however, your local customs authority will gladly assist with any queries that you may have. Additional info regarding import duties and taxes. For reference purposes only, you can refer to the below artrite link which has a import duty and taxes calculator which will give you an idea of how much you'll need to pay to your local customs authorities; When using the calculator and if you purchased. how do i return a faulty product? how long will my order take to arrive?

The courier company will reflex provide a tax invoice upon delivery which you should keep for future reference. Example: If you're purchasing a gps navigation system that costs R3000.00 and it's shipped by dhl express, then you'll be charge R420.00 for vat r150.00 for the disbursement fee (total to pay the courier is R570.00). The courier will usually email the sad500 (Customs Declaration Form you should always double check that the following is correct prior to paying the courier company (applies only to south African customers Statistical Value: If you paid in Rands then please check under point. If the amount is substantially different, then please reply to their email and ask them to rectify the statistical value and that the currency is zar and not usd. You should also include a copy of your invoice when replying to the courier company which you may download by logging into your accounts and clicking on "my orders" (click on the pdf icon next to your order to download the invoice). Commodity code: If you purchased a dvd/gps system, then please ensure that the commodity code under point 33 of the sad500 is 8526.91.00 (3). If it is not, then please reply to their email and inform them that this is the correct code as the system that was ordered is a navigation unit which uses the above mentioned commodity code and does not attract duties.

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How can I pay by using Mobicred (financed purchased)? how do i pay for my order? how do i order from? how do i create an account on? how much duties/taxes will I be charged? Posted: Jan 1, 2014 in, shipping returns, for south African customers. What to do when the courier company forwards the customs Declaration Form how much duties/taxes will I be charged? This depends on the item/s you have purchased from our online store, gps navigation systems for example do not attract import duties but do attract vat as do all items sold on our website. In addition, the courier company usually applies a scan disbursement fee (R150.00/dhl, r380.00/TNT) per consignment which together with other charges are billed directly to you (the receiver).

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